BlueIndy 1 Day

Drive a car in minutes.

$0 / day
$8 for 20 minutes
then $0.40 per minute

Need to drive today? This is the plan for you… get going in minutes. Use one of our Bluecars once or as many time as you want for the next 24 hours.

To join with this Membership option, you MUST visit one of our Enrollment Kiosks, get a Daily Membership card, and drive away. No catch, just free wheels.

*An airport surcharge of $6 applies for trips beginning or ending at Indianapolis International Airport.
*Membership and usage fees exclude applicable taxes of 17% consisting of Sales Tax (7%), Indiana Rental Tax (4%) and Marion County Supplemental Auto Rental excise tax (6%).
*Once you create a member account, you will be able to purchase additional memberships quickly in the future.
Join now + Go to an Enrollment Kiosk to drive immediately +

In a hurry ?

If you’d like your membership immediately, go to one of our Enrollment Kiosks with your payment card and driver’s license. You’ll get your BlueIndy Card in minutes.

To locate Enrollment Kiosks, go to Station Map.

BlueIndy Cards are only be printed at Enrollment Kiosks for daily, weekly and monthly memberships, although enrollment can be started online.

For yearly memberships, you can receive a temporary BlueIndy Card at the Enrollment Kiosk or you can enroll online and wait until your permanent card arrives in the mail.

  • Save Money
  • No fee for parking, gas or insurance
  • Seats four
  • Includes airbags and power steering
  • Smart features
  • GPS navigation and 24/7 assistance
  • Online and mobile registrations
  • Book your car and/or parking spot in advance
  • Always available
  • Up to 500 cars in up to 200 stations


Always ready to go! Pick up a car and hit the road 24/7

BlueIndy makes using an electric car simple and hassle-free with 24/7 assistance. Sign up online or on your smartphone.


Gets you on your way. Up to 500 cars in up to 200 stations.

Getting you where you need to go, when you need to be there. With up to 500 cars in up to 200 stations, finding a car or a parking space is never a problem.


Wave goodbye to gas, insurance, and parking fees.

There’s no need to pay for gas or buy insurance when you drive an electric car from BlueIndy. Save the time and money spent looking for a parking space when BlueIndy has yours reserved for free.


An electric car with no CO2 or noise pollution.

BlueIndy cars are 100% electric. This means no CO2 emissions and no noise pollution. Driving a BlueIndy car reduces your carbon footprint – and that’s something to feel good about.

Reserve a car or parking space instantly!

BlueIndy makes it easy to get on the road. Use the mobile app to reserve a car or parking space whenever you need it.

  • Reserve a car and/or parking space
  • Become a member
  • Manage your account
  • Get more information
Blue Indy everywhere


Transportation that fits your lifestyle.
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