How to use BlueIndy at the Airport

Driving to IND by Bluecar


  1. Reserve your Bluecar in the app and pick it up at the Station most convenient to you.
  2. Drive towards the Indianapolis International Airport on I-70 West.
  3. Once near the airport, there are overhead signs that will direct you to the correct lanes.
  4. At the parking gate, Members will follow signs for “ParkIND/BlueIndy”.
    - All Bluecars are equipped with a special RFID-chip, allowing the Bluecars to pass through the fourth gate over from the left.
    - All Bluecars should use this gate, and drivers are not required to take a ticket to enter the parking garage.
  5. Slowly pull forward until the gate opens.
  6. Once through, proceed to the 5th level of the parking garage and follow the signs to the 20 BlueIndy parking spaces located on the Northeast corner.
  7. Plug-in the Bluecar, swipe your badge to lock it, and enjoy your trip!


Arriving at IND by airplane


  1. Members and visitors can access the car sharing stations from the 3rd floor skybridge in the front of the airport terminal which connects to the parking garage.
  2. An enrollment kiosk where guests can sign up for a membership on the spot is also available and located just through the sliding doors on the 3rd level of the Daily Parking Garage.
  3. Once visitors have a membership, they will find Bluecars conveniently located on the 5th of the parking garage.
  4. To use the service:
    - Swipe your badge on the Reservation Kiosk, and enter your pin. A Bluecar will be assigned to you.
    - Find your assigned Bluecar and swipe your badge on the reader by the driver's side door.
    - Unlock the Bluecar and recoil the charging cable into the Charge Point (They have a strong pull, so hold on tightly).
    - Exit the Parking garage by following the BlueIndy signs.
    - At the parking gates, slowly pull forward until the gate opens.
    - Enjoy your visit to Indianapolis!


Not a Member Yet? Join Today!

Think about it; no car payments, free reserved parking at up to 200 destinations around Indianapolis, airport access, Bluecars available 24/7, and trips that generally cost less than a latte at your local coffee shop. Getting started is simple:

  1. Join online or on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Reserve a Bluecar and/or a Parking Spot from the app or in person at a Reservation Kiosk.
  3. Swipe your membership card at any Reservation Kiosk and be ready to drive in minutes!



Airport Bluecars


*An airport surcharge of $6 applies for trips beginning or ending at Indianapolis International Airport.
*Membership and usage fees exclude applicable taxes of 17% consisting of Sales Tax (7%), Indiana Rental Tax (4%) and Marion County Supplemental Auto Rental excise tax (6%).