Up to 200 stations

The city is all yours. With up to 200 stations planned in Indy, you can find an electric car wherever you need one.
From downtown to the city limits, north to south and east to west, BlueIndy lets you follow your whims, whatever road they may take. The adventure starts now; only you can decide where it will take you.

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And it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Reserve

    Wherever you are, BlueIndy lets you find a car or a parking spot in Real time 24/7.

  2. Pick Up

    Grab a car and hit the road. Follow the instructions at any BlueIndy station.

  3. Drive

    With GPS and a guaranteed parking spot, BlueIndy is freedom.

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Simple, convenient, economical and electric

Our Fleet of 100% electric cars is available 24/7 to facilitate your life in the city. It's an urban revolution! Wave goodbye to gas, insurance, maintenance and parking fees!

You're going to love BlueIndy!


Transportation that fits your lifestyle.
Join for a day, a week or a year !


Assistance 24/7
Access your information online or using the mobile app
Guaranteed Parking Spot

The car sharing fee is based on the actual use of the car. The first 20 minutes are billed at a fixed fee, then any additional time is billed at a per-minute rate.

Youth & Student Yearly Membership

It’s now easier and more affordable than ever to use BlueIndy! If you qualify for this membership, soon you’ll be getting around the city for just a fraction of the cost of personal auto ownership. Join today and drive tomorrow!

$30 / year
+ $3 for 20 minutes

BlueIndy Charging

If you drive an EV, you're already cool. And now you can use one of BlueIndy's stations whenever you want. How cool can one get ?

$20 / year
+ $2 per hour

See the service in action

BlueIndy is based on the extensive experience of the Bolloré Group, which deployed in Paris the world’s largest and most successful electric car sharing service, as well as similar services in Lyon and Bordeaux, France.