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Interested in BlueIndy? Take a test drive before it opens to the public in early 2015. This is the perfect way to get used to the service
and to discover all of its benefits. BlueIndy changes the city for you. Try it and you’ll adopt it!

Where to try it

14 E.Washington Street

Everyday from 11am to 7pm

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Simple, convenient, economical, and electric

Our fleet of electric cars is available 24/7 to facilitate your life in the city. It's an urban revolution! Enjoy the freedom of going where you want – it's all within range for your wheels.
You're going to love BlueIndy!

And it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Reserve

    Whether you need a car or a parking space for your vehicle, just a few clicks get you what you need from the city.

  2. Rent

    To pick up a car and hit the road, follow the instructions at any BlueIndy location.

  3. Drive

    With a GPS for directions and parking spaces you can reserve from the car, BlueIndy is freedom.

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Membership Plans

Transportation that fits your lifestyle.
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Up to 200 locations

The city is all yours. With up to 200 locations planned in Indy, you can find an electric car wherever you need one. From downtown to the city limits, north to south and east to west, BlueIndy lets you follow your whims, whatever road they may take. The adventure starts now; only you can decide where it will take you.

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See the service in action

BlueIndy is based on the extensive experience of the Bolloré Group, which has deployed in Paris the world’s largest and most successful electric car sharing in the world, as well as similar services in Lyon and Bordeaux, France.